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Meet the best alternative for CSV Importer

Feature Xlork – The Ultimate File Processing SolutionXlorkXlorkXlorkXlork
Importsunlimited-500$2 / Import1,200 annual
Rows per Importunlimited-100--
Multi SheetsXlork XlorkXlorkXlorkXlork
Pricing transparencyXlork XlorkXlorkXlorkXlork
Minimum plan(monthly)$0 - $9 $199 -
ThemesXlork Xlork Xlork Xlork Xlork
Mobile viewXlork Xlork Xlork Xlork Xlork
Upload Or DragXlorkXlorkXlorkXlorkXlork
Copy & PasteXlorkXlorkXlorkXlorkXlork
Google spreadsheetXlorkXlorkXlorkXlorkXlork
Read urlsXlorkXlorkXlorkXlorkXlork
Image readerXlorkXlorkXlorkXlorkXlork
Remove BrandingXlork XlorkXlorkXlorkXlork

How We Do It?

Provide a powerful upload experience for customers.
With faultless onboarding, you may cut inefficiencies and lower the risk of dropout.


Upload File

With Xlork, you can upload flat files, including CSV files, and use its powerful algorithms to quickly and accurately process your data.

Prepare data

Xlork also supports JSON to CSV and XML to CSV conversion, making it easy to convert your files into a format that can be processed and analyzed.


User is allowed to modified data as per requirment. also support multiple actions like cut copy paste just like spreadsheet.


After clean all junk data now user can get data or download data what he prefers.